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Using Templates With AutoRank v2.1.x

  Templates Overview

The template feature of AutoRank makes the script extremely easy to integrate into your site. These files are very easy to edit, but you need to follow a few guidelines. You should be able to edit all of the .htmlt files in any html editor and be ok. All of the .etmpl files need to be edited in an ASCII text editor such as Notepad in Windows or Pico in Unix.

  The .htmlt Files

These files are used to generate the HTML that the scripts output. Of the .htmlt files, there are only certain ones you should edit. Never, ever, edit any .htmlt files that begin with _setup. Those are used for the administrative script, and only you the administrator will see them.

In each of the files you will find standard HTML and pieces of text surrounded by #%%#. Anything surrounded by #%%# should not be edited. These are items that will be inserted by the script. You can move it around all you want, but do not change the value inside the #%%#.

Basically you can use any HTML you want. You should first use the script with the default templates so you can get a feel of what each #%%# item is replaced with. Once you have a feel for how they are working, you can go in and put your HTML in.

  After Editing The Templates

After you have edited the templates to your liking, simply upload them in ASCII mode to the templates directory you created. If your FTP client asks you if you want to replace the current version, select yes. You can verify that the new versions have been uploaded properly by pointing your browser to accounts.cgi to see if your HTML appears.

  Descriptions of Each Template

  • _account_add.htmlt

    This is the page webmasters will see when adding their account.

    This page has no template values. However, you should not edit the form fields on this page or the script will not function properly. You can move them around and adjust their sizes, but do not change their types or names.

  • _account_added.htmlt

    This is the page webmasters will see after adding their account.

    #%TUL%# - The URL the member should send hits to
    #%EML%# - The webmaster's e-mail address
    #%STL%# - The webmaster's site title
    #%SUL%# - The webmaster's site URL
    #%SDS%# - The webmaster's site description
    #%BUL%# - The webmaster's banner URL
    #%UNM%# - The webmaster's username
    #%PWD%# - The webmaster's password

  • _error_data.htmlt

    This is the page surfers/webmasters will see if there is a data error.

    #%SERR%# - A short error message
    #%LERR%# - A longer descriptive error message